The features and benefits of Hotmail

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The internet plays a vital role in all our lives and one of the popular features or functions of the internet is connectivity. The popular way of staying connected with dear ones as well as staying updated with your office work is the email accounts. The email services are an essential part of the online world and one of the main reasons that people log on. Even though today people are doing other things on the internet such as online shopping, downloading music, videos and songs, conducting video calls and video conferencing, email is still the foremost activity that people do.

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Hotmail has been one of the premier email services that was the first web based free mail application which allowed people to be freed from the shackles of ISP based subscription mail services. With Hotmail came the concept of logging into your email service from anywhere in the world, as long as you found a web browser with an online connection and you remembered your username and password. Hotmail was introduced in the late nineties after which it became part of MSN. MSN has undergone several changes and brought about changes in Hotmail as well.

  • Initially Hotmail was bought by Microsoft. After it was made a part of the MSN services, it was also known as MSN Hotmail
  • When Microsoft launched the Windows Live campaign, Hotmail was re branded as Windows Live Hotmail
  • Even in the Windows Live domain you could access your Hotmail account, albeit with page layout changes
  • Today the Hotmail accounts have been migrated to Outlook domain. Even though your login credentials remain the same, Hotmail now offers the features and functions which define Outlook mail service.

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There are several features and benefits that are part of Hotmail accounts. No matter which domain you log onto your Hotmail account, the free of service Hotmail email remains the same. The storage capacity has been expanded from what was offered previously to the users. The other features and benefits of Hotmail remain as follows:

  • It offers POP access on individual basis.
  • The security features have been enhanced.
  • You can conduct fast searches for mails in this email account.
  • ┬áThe email interface remains simple and allows users to locate the messages or the folders they want.
  • There are fast methods that it adopts to find images as well as to structure social network information.
  • You can create IMAP access to different internet directories though your Hotmail account.

You will also find revamped scanning facility. It is easy to locate viruses, spam and phishing attempts on Hotmail. That allows the users to find their mails stored under a more secured and private environment. The mails are easy to organize and locate. The rich text format allows you to drag and drop the mails into different folders and so forth. There are all modern features and benefits offered by Hotmail. Even today, several people view to sign up for a Hotmail account, a legendary email service.

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