Creating a Hotmail Account

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If you think that creating a Hotmail account is a difficult task, then you will find in this article how simple and easy it is when you start doing it. You will only need a few minutes of your time to create a unique Hotmail account in your name and to start using this free web based email service from Microsoft. In fact, with just a single Microsoft Hotmail account, you will now be able to access all web based services like instant messaging, Xbox Live, OneDrive, Bing, etc., across devices like PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and Smartphones and iPhones.


The following is a step by step guide on how to easily create a Hotmail account.

  • Visit the Hotmail home page or click on this link You will find a sign in or sign up option on the landing page. If you already have a Hotmail username and password, then you need to just click on the sign in option and enter the details asked for. If you do not have an account, then just click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • You will be directed to the ‘create an account’ page. You will find a lot of fields on the page that you need to fill up correctly in order to get your Hotmail account created. You will be asked to enter a few personal details, security information as well as the email address that you would like to use in the account creation page.
  • The first blank space you will see is for your first and last name. Enter them correctly in the spaces provided.
  • The next type box will be asking you to key in your Hotmail username. You have the liberty to key in any username that you like. If the username you need is already taken up, there will be a prompt to try out another username.
  • You will find another box next to the username field. You will have to opt for option if you want your username to read as
  • Once the username is entered, the next field you find will be the password option. You should create a strong password at least 8 characters long. Mae sure you include lowercase and uppercase alphabets and a number in your password to make it very strong.
  • You need to key in your phone number and an alternate email address in the spaces provided to make your Hotmail account secure. This is done to help you out in case you lose your password and cannot access your Hotmail account.
  • Apart from this, you will also be asked to choose a security question from the options given and you must key in an answer that is at least having 5 characters length.
  • The next fields are your country or region, the zip code, your birth date, month and year and gender.
  • After filling all these fields, you will be asked to key in a captcha code provided at the fag end of the sign up page in the box provided for the same. This is to ensure that you are a human and not a robot signing up for an account.
  • Once done, click on the create account option to complete the sign up process.

To login Hotmail email account, you need to visit the Hotmail page and enter the username and password and then click on sign in option to access your Hotmail account.

Steps to activate two-step verification process

Despite having a secure password to access your Hotmail account, it is advisable that you take advantage of the two-step verification feature for added security. This extra layer of security also explained here will ensure that no one can access your email account that easily. This feature will require another security code that is sent to your mobile phone to provide access to your Hotmail account, apart from your username and password.

  • You will have to get access to the security settings of your Hotmail account in order to activate the two step verification feature for your account. For this, you will need to first sign in to your Hotmail account.
  • In the top right corner of the page, you will find your name. You need to click on it and then click on the Account settings option.
  • You will find the ‘set up 2-step verification’ link, click on the Next option to start setting it up.
  • Choose the ‘A phone number’ option from the drop down list that you see under the “verify my identity with” option.
  • In the next box, type in your phone number and then choose an option between text and call to get the verification code from Microsoft. Once done, click on Next option.
  • You will receive a code from Microsoft on your phone either through text message or through a call on your registered mobile number.
  • Key in the received code in the box under ‘enter the code’ option, then click next and finally Finish option to activate the two step verification feature for your Hotmail account.


Every time you sign into your Hotmail account, you will receive the verification code on your mobile phone. You should enter it in the appropriate box to get access to your emails. If you are the only person using your PC or Mac or tablet to access your Hotmail account, then you can opt for the ‘I sign in frequently on this device. Don’t ask me for a code’ option to access your account without a verification code. But, once you use a different device to access Hotmail, you will need to enter the verification code that Microsoft sends to get access to your emails.

Hotmail sign in help

Hotmail allows its users to enjoy different free services after creating a Hotmail account. Though Hotmail is making regular upgrades of the features offered by them, sometimes the users may experience some problems in signing in to the account and using various services. Here are some of the common Hotmail sign in problems and the methods to overcome it.

Incorrect password or e-mail address

This is the most common reason for not able to access your Hotmail account. Make sure that you are entering the correct password and e-mail address with correct spellings and ensure that the caps lock on the keyboard is turned off.

Forgotten password

If you are unable to remember the password for your account, you need to reset your account.  Here are the steps for resetting password.

  • Go to the password reset page.
  • Select the reason why can’t you sign in and click next.
  • Give your Microsoft account or email address and follow the instructions given to complete the resetting process.

You know your correct password and you are not able to sign in to the account, you can alternatively use the single-use code provided by Hotmail to open the account.

Blocked profile

If you cannot access the account and if you are getting a message saying your Hotmail profile is temporarily blocked, then Microsoft might have detected some spam or any fraudulent use of the account or your account may be having contents that violates the terms and conditions of Microsoft. Click on “learn more about the account temporarily suspended and follow the instructions to remove the block.

Two- step verification

If you have added security through two step verification, then some devices and apps reject your password as they are not updated with the extra security code you provide for two-step verification. In such cases you need to use the app password to use your Hotmail account using the particular device.

Internet connection problems

If your internet connection is very slow or not working, then you may have problems in using your Hotmail account. Check your connection status to see that it is working properly.


Sometimes your system gets affected by some sort of malware which will prevent you from signing in to Hotmail. You need to perform a virus scan to find out whether there is any malware and to get it removed from your system.  If you run the virus scan, you will be able to use your Hotmail account.

Contact Microsoft support

If none of the above given methods are working for you, then you may need to contact the Microsoft support team and get their advice to regain the access to your Hotmail account.  There can be problems from the side of service provider and hence it is best to contact the support team to get a solution.

Downloading and using Hotmail app on smartphones

Using Hotmail on iOS

There is a free Hotmail app that you will find in the Apple iTunes store in the name of Microsoft Outlook. All you need is to search for the Microsoft Outlook app in the Apple iTunes store and download this app on your iOS device to start using it. The following is the procedure to set up a Hotmail account on iOS devices.


  • Go to the settings on your iOS device and tap on it. Look for mails, calendar, contacts and you will see a list of the existing email accounts on the device.
  • If you do not find Hotmail or, then tap on ‘add an account’ option and then you will get a list of the active email accounts list. Choose option and tap on it.
  • You will be taken to the Hotmail sign in page. Please enter your Hotmail email address, password and a description, which will help you easily find out your Hotmail account from the other available accounts list. Click on proceed option to enter your Hotmail account.

Using Hotmail on Android deviceshotmail-android-devices

You can download the app to access your Hotmail account for free from the Google Play Store app on
your Android device. All you need is to search for the app in the search option of the Play Store app and you will get access to instant download option. Download it and you are ready to use it on any of your Android devices. The newly designed app allows you to do a lot more things using the powerful inbox.

If you are using the Hotmail account across multiple devices,  then it is better that you use it on your Android device as an Active Sync Exchange account so that you can keep track of all emails, calendar, contacts, etc., even on the move. The following is the procedure to set up and use a Hotmail account on your Android.

  • Go to the settings menu in the mail app and look for ‘add a new email account’ option.
  • Add your Hotmail email address and password and then tap on the ‘manual setup’ option.
  • In the setup option, you will have to choose Exchange option and fill out the fields like username, password, exchange server and also tick on the SSL certificate.
  • Tap on next option and choose the sync option that you want like notify me when email arrives, sync emails from this account and so on. Once done, tap on the next option.
  • Follow the prompts that show up on the screen and then finally enter an exchange account name that will help you identify that it is a Hotmail account and then tap next to complete the Hotmail set up on Android.

Hotmail is a free email service offered on the web to send and receive emails through the internet. It was started by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1995 and is now part of the Microsoft group, as they acquired Hotmail in December 1997. There are more than 500 million users using the Hotmail email service to stay connected with their friends and family as well as their businesses. Microsoft moved away from the Hotmail brand and called it the in February 2013. Now, it is known as the Windows Live and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world.

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